Specimen turntable

Our robust specimen turntable is a useful accessory that protects and organises specimens.


  • Safe and Secure

    Do you want to show your visitors precious or delicate specimens but you don't want them to be touched?  Our rotating specimen turntable will protect those specimens from inquisitive hands. 

  • Not too heavy, not too light

    Made from acrylic and anodised aluminium, the turntable rotates smoothly - the movement is not too heavy, not too light.  It can be fitted to the universal plinth using two hex screws - or to your own display table.

  • Organising Specimens

    The turntable has five apertures, designed to fit specimens in industry standard 90mm petri dishes.  You are not limited to small specimens either - the turntable can accommodate specimens up to 25mm in height.  Labels can be adhered to the petri dish or turntable, if required.  

    If our standard setup doesn't suit - we can work with you to meet your display needs.

  • Easy specimen change

    Turntable disassembly and reassembly is quick and easy for changing specimens.

What do I get with a specimen turntable?

The turntable comes with the following components: the assembled turntable, 2x hex screws and washers (to attach to universal plinth or display table), hex key, 5x 90mm petri dishes.

What if my specimens are higher than 25mm?

Our standard turntable allows for specimens up to 25mm in height.  We offer a turntable extender kit which will accommodate larger specimens.

What if the top of my turntable gets scratched?

While we do not recommend putting anything on top of the turntable (as it can scratch the top surface), we can provide replacement turntable tops, if required.




Diameter: 282mm; Height: 58mm

Mounting plate (including fix tabs): 291mm


2 kg


Turntable: Clear acrylic

Spacer: Anodised Gold Aluminium

Included with turntable:

2 x Hex screws with washers 

1 x 4mm Hex key

5 x 90mm Petri dishes


New Zealand