Polarising attachment

Add a different dimension to your displays.  Wow your visitors with a kaleidescope of colourful images.

  • Amazing colours!

    Specimens such as thin geological samples and some plastics will produce amazing colours.  The colours change before your eyes as the polarising holder is rotated - great for discussing the science of polarised light, explaining the composition of rock and mineral specimens, looking at stresses in plastic or just wowing your visitors with bright, colourful changing images.

  • Easy setup

    The polarising attachment is used in conjunction with the universal plinth.  The attachment consists of a holder (with polarising filter) that attaches to the underside of DISCOVERY's microscope body and a piece of polarising material (which fits under the clear stage plate of the universal plinth).  Clearly marked arrows instruct the visitor to rotate the holder.

What sort of polarisation is it?

We call it "Simple Polarised Light" (also referred to as linear polarisation or plane polarisation).  We use two linear polarisers; one is polarised film sandwiched between optical glass in filter form, while the other is a film, cut and shaped to fit the universal plinth.

Can it be used in conjunction with other accessories?

While you can simply put specimens on the plinth to view under polarised light, you can also use the polarising attachment with the specimen turntable or the turntable extender kit.  

Can you fit the polarising attachment to DISCOVERYlite?

Yes.  The attachment will fit DISCOVERYlite the same way it fits DISCOVERY.  However, it will be necessary to provide some sort of transmitted light that can be used in conjunction with the polarising film supplied.




Inner Holder: Aluminium, gold anodised

Outer Holder: Black Acetal

included with the polarising attachment:

1x Inner holder (this houses the glass polarising filter)

1x Outer holder

1x Spacer

1x Polarising film sheet

4x Hex screws with washers

1x 3mm Hex key


New Zealand