from the MACRO to the MICROscopic

Take an even closer look - from the MACRO to the MICROscopic.  microEYE DISCOVERY has just become a truly versatile interactive videomicroscope for public spaces.

We are pleased to announce the release of a new accessory - the MICRO attachment.  Now DISCOVERY can open up new microscopic worlds for visitors.

Retrofittable to our Generation 4 microscopes, the MICRO Attachment will add a new dimension.  View microscope slides at 60x, 150x, 300x or 600x, with easy to use focus and stage controls.  The MICRO Attachment has the simplicity and the robustness that DISCOVERY is renowned for.

Available for shipping from December 2019.

Take at look at the MICRO Attachment or contact us for a quotation.


Posted by Jo on 20th September 2019

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