About Us

About Us


We have been helping people take a closer look for over twenty years. 

Micro Imaging started by supplying microscopes to schools, universities, polytechnics, government departments and industry.  

The fun went up a level when we first developed microEYE DISCOVERY and now that is all we do!

Where does all this take place?

We are based in the Far North of New Zealand on Paewhenua Island on the beautiful Mangonui Harbour.

  • Richard Beddek

    Richard Beddek

    Richard's fascination with optics started way back, when, as a youngster he was given his first microscope and telescope (and tried to design a fine focus device for his 2.4" refractor!).  Thus started a love of all things science, including amateur rock and fossil collecting, archaeology, human evolution and psychology, astronomy and space travel.

    Optics were not very far away though... while studying Psychology at university he worked part time for a microscope company and an interest in precision optics and fine mechanics was formed.  After university Richard did his typical Kiwi "OE" based in the United Kingdom and worked in Industrial Psychology.  But the call of optics was strong and back in New Zealand a change in career ensued.

    What has followed is over 30 years involvement in the microscopy industry, dealing with products from OLYMPUS, CARL ZEISS JENA, ASKANIA and MEIJI TECHNO.  

    He has a hand in every microscope that is produced, literally!  Each microscope is made, by hand, with passion.  He takes pride in seeing them being used and enjoyed worldwide.

    When not making videomicroscopes Richard can be seen walking around Paewhenua Island, the island he and Jo call home and is actively involved in the conservation management of the small island community.  He loves "messing around in boats" and enjoying the fishing that Doubtless Bay offers.  Still a dedicated space nerd, he closely follows the likes of NASA, ESA, SpaceX and Blue Origin and hopes to book a ride on the New Shephard if Jo agrees and pays for it!


  • Jo Beddek

    Jo Beddek

    Since the inception of Micro Imaging, Jo has been wearing multiple hats, managing sales, financial and marketing roles as well as keeping a watchful eye on manufacturing to ensure a steady supply of components are available for our microscopes.

    When a break is needed she can probably be found tending her large vegetable garden, boating on Doubtless Bay, hiking trails in Northland and around New Zealand or enjoying a good book.