Our Microscopes

The magnified world is intriguing.  Whether it be a macro image of an insect magnified by just a few times revealing surprising detail or a micro image of a cell magnified several hundred times opening up another world.

Macro and micro imaging calls for specific microscopes.  Added to this, public spaces require instruments that are incredibly hardwearing and yet very easy to use.  Simple, intuitive controls and crystal clear images are a must.

Our "macro" instrument is DISCOVERY.  It has been in production for a number of years and we are pleased to introduce our latest model incorporating High Definition, widescreen camera technology. We also offer DISCOVERYlite, a version for those who may want to fit the microscope into their own housings or designs.

Our "micro" instrument is VOYAGER.  Under development, this microscope will complement DISCOVERY, allowing high magnification images to be viewed in High Definition.

A range of optional accessories are available to enhance the viewing experience.


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